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A”corn” Chiropody and Sports Podiatry Services

imagesHere at A”corn” we specialise in numerous foot related conditions that can cause severe pain having debilitating effects on quality of life. At our clinics we aim to help our clients relieve their ailments with our team of qualified podiatrist who are specialist in multiple fields such as diabetes, musculoskeletal issues and paediatrics.



Earlsfield ChiropodyWe have been established for 30 years within south wales with multiple clinics in various locations. Our fully qualified podiatrists have 40 years of combined experience and are registered with the Health Care Professional Council and insured by the Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrists. Our aim at A”corn” Chiropody is to listen to your ailments and help to devise a treatment plan catered to your individual personal needs. As well as this we like to treat our patients in a courteous, professional and friendly manner offering foot care and foot wear advice


ChiropodySince the human foot has the ability to support the weight of the whole body, with the ability to adapt to many different terrains and walk you around the world 5 time within a lifetime, it has a universal function therefore leading to a possibility of different conditions. At A”corn” we commonly come across a variety of conditions that we treat such as: hardskin, corns (as well as neuro vascular corns), ingrown toenails (conservatively and surgically) verrucae/warts, joint and muscular pains.


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